Greg Leia


Bachelor of Commerce University of Saskatchewan 1980
LLB University of Saskatchewan 1981
In Depth Tax Course with CICA
Secondment to the Alberta Securities Commission (1986)


Admitted to Law Society of Alberta 1983

Employment Summary

Wolff Leia 1989 – Present
Duncan & Craig LLP, Edmonton
1983-1988 (65 lawyers at the time) Partner in 1987

Law Practice

Securities Law/Corp-Commercial Transactions/Tax/Commercial Litigation/Oil &Gas

Securities/Administrative Law Experience
  1. From 2000 – 2022 primarily acted for TSXV issuers.
  2. Completed complex securities transactions involving public companies: example: Plan of Arrangement Spinouts and Reverse Takeovers
    1. Hodgins Auctioneers Inc. 2015;
    2. Majesta Minerals Inc 2018; and
    3. Tenth Avenue Petroleum Corp 2021
  3. From 1997 – 2000, primarily acted for venture capital firms funding Canadian software companies and issuers listing on US securities platforms (OTC-BB and NASDAQ).
  4. From 2020 acting for Canadian manufacturers seeking funds from US securities platforms (NASDAQ and NYSE) reverse mergers with SPAC’s.
  5. Have conducted administrative proceedings before Alberta Securities Commission.
  6. Conducted appeals to Alberta Court of Appeal on securities matters.
Tax Experience
  1. Tax planning. Corporate reorganizations involving Canadian technology companies which re-domicile in the US to list on US markets and related US cross border transactions;
  2. Conducted Tax Trials/Appeals:
    1. Cambridge Environmental Systems Inc. 2002
    2. Libra Transport Ltd. (FCA-2002)
    3. Wylie Zimmerman 2018
    4. Honey Bee Manufacturing Ltd 2019
    5. Explor Resources Inc 2021
Oil & Gas Experience

From 2007 to present: Owned and operated junior oil and gas exploration companies. Batoche Energy Corp (2007-8), Antler Creek Energy Corp (TSXV)(2008-9), Tenth Avenue Petroleum Corp (TSXV)(2011-2021) and Waskahigan Oil & Gas Corp (CSE)(2021 to present). From 2000 to present: Acted as lawyer for oil companies in all areas – land, regulatory compliance, acquisitions and dispositions: Alberta, BC, Saskatchewan and Texas.

Commercial Litigation Experience
  1. Acted for Bank of Nova Scotia and credit unions in debt collection matters including foreclosures (1983-1988)
  2. Managed large receivership files
    1. Imperial Development Canada Ltd 1984; and
    2. Capital City Credit Union Ltd predecessors 1986
  3. Led successful CCAA reorganization of national electronics firm – Multitech Warehouse Direct Inc. 1995
    • (traded as XS Cargo Income Fund on TSX)
    • (including QB and Court of Appeal applications)
    • (Multitech Warehouse Direct 32 Alta LR (3d) 62 (1995))
  4. Led successful BIA proposals for public companies
    Cambridge Environmental Systems Inc. 1997
  5. Led successful ABCA Oppression Action
    Styles v. Caravan 2019
Denotes a Professional Corporation